Jan 052017

There isn’t much point to this post, other than drawing a line under the holiday (unlike the last overseas trip where I left the blog dangling for 2-and-a-half years – not that anyone noticed or cared!).

The flight passed reasonably quickly, with the late start meaning that everything was delayed. The lights only went out at 1:00 UK time, with about 8 hours flying time left. The kids managed to get some sleep it seemed, although they’re also starting to struggle with folding themselves into the awkwardly-shaped seats.

The tailwind lasted most of the flight and we landed close to the original scheduled time. Cape Town Airport was busier than I expected on the international side, with 3 flights all landing at a similar time (random picture on the way to immigration – not really making a point about the crowds!).

The immigration queues were long, but it moved quickly. Our luggage also wasn’t too slow and we marched with purpose through the Customs Green channel, liking the fact that all 3 of the open desks was occupied with someone. Not that we were bringing anything in that we had to declare, but we could do without the unnecessary delay. I marvelled at the lawfulness of the Asian gent who I’d spotted hovering for a while at the Red vs Green decision fork, and then loitering in the Green channel waiting to talk to one of the occupied agents. I felt like going up to him and telling him to just keep walking through to the exit, but in the end decided not to get involved.

We hit the arrivals hall to discover that each one of the passengers on the other 2 flights was being greeted by about 6 to 8 family members. By luck I spotted our shuttle driver through the masses, and we were soon fighting our way through running children, slow old people, and various other aimless people standing between us and home.

Eventually we reached the shuttle and were on our way home, looking out for the usual welcoming sight of Table Mountain from the N2.

We reached home between 12:30 and 13:00, unloaded the mountain of luggage, and settled back into the dull routine of unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

Jan 042017
Heading home - part 1

Today was the last day in England, which means a lot of packing, driving and standing / sitting around in various parts of the airport, before sitting on a plane. We had already planned on getting an extra bag on the plane, and were unlikely to need the full 5 x 23kg allowance, so Philna’s packing mission was mainly making sure things were well-protected, and keeping each bag under 23kg. With all the recent short nights the packing started a bit later than planned, but we eventually managed to check out by 13:30 (the hotel were generous enough to give us […read more…]

Jan 032017
Invergloy to Bury St Edmunds

The time in Scotland was unfortunately over and we needed to reverse the trip we made a week ago. To allow enough time to visit Chedburgh (to see the family there and work out what to do with the luggage that stayed behind), we needed to catch the 10:25 Ryanair flight from Glasgow to Stansted. At best this was a 2 hour 20 minute drive ,so the plan was to leave Invergloy at 5:00, to allow time for delays (either from traffic or poor weather) and make sure we didn’t miss our flight. The packing was mostly complete the night […read more…]

Jan 022017
Hunting for Nessie

This was our last full day in Scotland and the plan was to go to Drumnadrochit and do something Loch Ness Monster-related. Philna found a cruise that does a tour of Loch Ness and takes in an offshore view of Castle Urquhart, so we set some alarms (it was an hour’s drive away) and got going early. I’m not sure why we went looking out on the water, because I spotted him (or her) on the way down to the boat. It was nice and chilly down on the shore, so we got full value for our jackets after this […read more…]

Jan 012017
Hunting for snow 2.0

There was only one goal today – visit the Nevis Range Mountain Resort, and take a mountain gondola to the top station and hopefully play in some snow. The weather on the drive there didn’t fill us with much confidence… At worst we would have the fun of the 15-20 minute mountain gondola trip which takes you up to around 650m above sea level on the slopes of Aonach Mor, which is next to Ben Nevis (tallest mountain in the UK). At the top we could at least see some snow on the nearby peaks, and enjoy the brisk wintery breeze. And […read more…]