Oct 092017
Vindoux Trip

Here is a first guest post from Dana, sharing her hand-written holiday diary… 1st of Oct 2017 1st night at the Vindoux guest farm tree house and I am so excited!!! We are watching ‘Tangled’ on Mommy’s laptop. I got a new note book that I am writing in right now, and a new pen that I am writing with. Goodnight, travel Diary It’s probably midnight by now but I can’t fall asleep again cause there is an extremely annoying cricket outside zzz our bedroom! I hope I can fall asleep soon! 2nd of Oct 2017 So far our holiday […read more…]

Sep 302017
Wake me up when September ends

Running out of month-related title ideas, so thanks Green Day. We kicked September off with our 4th and last Bakerman session at school. This is the fortnightly event where each kid in the pre-school classes gets a turn to bring in some baked goods and then sell them to the rest of the class for R7 (money goes into the class fund). On the 2nd we went to Andrew and Mallony Gladwin’s wedding at the Vineyard Hotel. We met them initially through work, but now regularly see each other because one of their kids is in Dana’s year at school. […read more…]

Aug 312017

I’m not sure what sparked it, but judging by the photos taken, we seem to have visited a few different playgrounds throughout the month. First up though, Philna and I managed to combine a few celebrations together, and headed off to dinner at The Food Barn, followed by a night at the De Noordhoek Hotel to avoid a boozy drive back home. The kids got to spend the night at Tannie Esca’s place, which is a highlight for them, so everyone was a winner (except perhaps Esca). I taught Riley how to play Gin Rummy some time during the July […read more…]

Jul 312017
Another round of visitors

Although we were sad to say goodbye to Mark and Adele at the end of June, we didn’t have long to wait for the next wave of visitors – Brian, Nadine and their kids were coming to SA in the 3rd week of July. The month started with a long weekend for me after a rough patch at work. The kids were on holiday, so I took them up Table Mountain for the first time in a couple of years. The next day the outing was to get pizza at Cavendish, although the real reason was for them to go […read more…]