Apr 202014

cousinsStill plugging away at the holiday summary – now 3 June.

After our first multi-country holiday in 2005, Philna and I swore we would reduce the number of stops, make sure we stayed at a place for at least 4 nights, and not pack our bags to the maximum.  For the first time since then we’ve gone back to the old bad ways, but to be fair it was the result of trying to squeeze in visiting as many family members as possible, so not really negotiable.

After only 2 nights in Doncaster we unfortunately had to say farewell to another large part of the family, pack up our multiple suitcases and head off to another hotel a couple of hours away.  Philna had to skip breakfast to have the time to merge all our luggage back into the 5 bags, and I did my bit by getting the kids out of the way and down to the breakfast table.  A large chunk of the previous night’s party was there, and there were some sad farewells especially to Graham and his boys.  We hope another 11 years don’t pass before we see them again, but given the way our future holidays seem to be mapping themselves out already, Australia keeps being pushed further and further into the future.

It was also farewell to Adele and my parents, as Philna and I were heading off (with the kids!) to Haverhill to visit Brian and Nadine for a couple of days.  The day was a bit damp, but we made good time with only a single lane closure along the A1 after a minor accident.  We dropped Dana and Riley off to play with their cousins while Philna and I checked into the Days Inn, and shifted all the bags out of the car into the room.

The highlight of the day was some great curry at the Raj Mahal in Haverhill’s High Street.  The kids were enjoying each other’s company a little too much at their own table, and for the sake of the other patrons, we skipped dessert and cut the evening short.  They transferred their energy to a small grassy patch near the car park, and kept chasing each other for a good half-hour or so.

raj mahal raj mahal 2

Apr 192014
Party time

It’s now 25 May and there are still a couple of updates stuck in the queue… Given the lack of sleep the day before we tried our best to squeeze out as much time in bed as possible.  Fortunately breakfast ran quite late, but unfortunately it meant that we were a little full for the 12:00 for 12:30 lunch.  We had banked on slow service at the pub, given the large group that was expected for Auntie Sylvia and Uncle Ali’s 50th anniversary celebrations.  Things were a little more efficient than I expected, so I was grateful that we’d skipped starters [...read more...]

Apr 182014
Travel day

A little behind on finishing the holiday reports as it’s now, ahem… 11 May, and it looks like the holiday ended in New York.  Will try knock out the remainder of the holiday over the next week or so. 17 April As predicted in the last live post, the 17th wasn’t a particularly exciting day (as can be seen from the selection of photos).  Most of the morning was spent trying to get all our luggage to fit into the bags, and within the weight allowance.  In the end Philna did her usual magic and got everything in, although the [...read more...]

Apr 172014
Kids update

Seeing today is going to be a travel day, there won’t be any activities to report on until we get to the UK.  I’ve also realised that we haven’t said anything about what the kids were doing while we were in New York.  Thanks to all the family back in the UK, we’ve been receiving regular updates throughout the holiday, so here is a quick summary of the fun they’ve all been having. On April 10, they went to Joyland (brilliant for kids, hell for adults).  There was also some chaos at Auntie Del’s house, dressing up and playing with [...read more...]

Apr 162014
40 found me

I did my best to avoid it for as long as possible by flying 6 time zones west, but unfortunately the day caught up with me in New York and I’m now bloody 40. The plans for the day were fairly fluid, with the only definite being a late lunch or early dinner at America’s first ever pizzeria – Lombardi’s.  We’d had a cold snap the night before, and there was still icy slush in the flower pots and on car windscreens when we left the room around mid-day. We tried to get lunch at Shake Shack on Columbus Avenue, but [...read more...]