Apr 302017

Not just a pun on autumn arriving, but a comment on writing this in early (edit: “early-mid”) July!

Google Maps had an amusing option on 1 April. Here’s our neighbourhood in Pac Man…

The school holidays kicked off in early April with Dana and Riley hosting a sleepover for their Dutch friends, Jente and Melle. Dana wrote a special bedtime story for the event (after hearing that they didn’t want a scary story)…

Dana and Riley spent the first week at a holiday care, and discovered a new park in Pinelands (Protea Close). So we had to go back on the weekend obviously.

The excitement never ends, and the next day we headed off to collect their new bookshelves, which then occupied them for the rest of the Sunday afternoon.

The kids are useful sometimes, and we’ve abused their present-wrapping skills recently. First up was Ouma’s birthday on the 14th – celebrated with lunch at Cattle Baron, where most of us stayed above the table.  The flipped-over car was on the N2 after the lunch (not our car, despite the drinks in the photos before).

The busy social weekend continued, with Steve and Anthea visiting Cape Town for the first time in ages. The weather played ball and we had a great picnic at Warwick, before returning home for a civilised dinner at the table for a change.

The 16th was Easter Sunday (and coincidentally my birthday), and the Easter Bunny was generous on both counts.

Back to school after the Easter weekend, and we’d forgotten to cover Riley’s file as instructed in the last week of the first term. And then clearly we overcompensated and were the only ones to follow instructions and cover the file properly.

The 21st was Book Day at school. Dana went as Harry Potter, and Riley was Ottoline (from the Chris Riddell books). Note the mis-matched shoes, and the dog with blonde wig is actually Mr Munroe (see sketch).

Random things continue to happen after school. Here are the kids playing in the carport near the bins, when there are hundreds of better places around the garden and house.

The long weekend saw a number of trips to work – fortunately not into the office, but to the sportsfield’s parking area to get some bike riding (and sunset photography) in.

And finally we wrapped up April with a wallet-emptying trip to the movies to see The Boss Baby. The kids insist on wearing the 3D glasses even during the 2D previews (and don’t seem to get tired of my lame joke of how everything around them now looks in 3D).


Mar 312017
Marching along slowly

Despite my best efforts to write this at the end of March, we’ve slipped into mid-May somehow [oops, more like mid-June now]. So without further delay, on to March’s entry. Philna and I managed to carve out a date night to go see T2: Trainspotting, and catch a quick dinner somewhere at the Waterfront. In the end we had a lucky break and managed to grab an empty table at the Harbour House branch near Quay Four. Here’s me pondering where the last 20 years have gone since seeing the first movie… The mystery of my rapidly-emptying shaving gel can has […read more…]

Feb 282017
Short month, short post

In keeping with the short month, a short update was the plan (real reason – this is being written in early April, so I need to stop falling further behind). There is no better way to end a long, hard week at the end of a long, hard first month at work, than to sleep on a thin mattress in a flimsy tent. The annual Cannons Creek Primary School Camp Out is generally dreaded from my side, but ends up being a decent evening’s entertainment, and the kids have a load of fun. Fortunately the equipment was still in one piece […read more…]

Jan 312017
Let's try this monthly

After the holiday ended, and the last post was filed (in record-breaking time, i.e. only a couple of weeks after the real reporting date), it looked like we were going to pack this site back into mothballs until the next trip. But after a number of requests (zero is a number) for more exciting stories about our mundane lives, I thought I might give a monthly update a bash. A new year is always a good time to make some bold resolutions that get dropped a couple of weeks later, so I’m off to a flying start with this one (he […read more…]

Jan 052017
Heading home - part 2

There isn’t much point to this post, other than drawing a line under the holiday (unlike the last overseas trip where I left the blog dangling for 2-and-a-half years – not that anyone noticed or cared!). The flight passed reasonably quickly, with the late start meaning that everything was delayed. The lights only went out at 1:00 UK time, with about 8 hours flying time left. The kids managed to get some sleep it seemed, although they’re also starting to struggle with folding themselves into the awkwardly-shaped seats. The tailwind lasted most of the flight and we landed close to […read more…]