Oct 092017

Here is a first guest post from Dana, sharing her hand-written holiday diary…

1st of Oct 2017

1st night at the Vindoux guest farm tree house and I am so excited!!!

We are watching ‘Tangled’ on Mommy’s laptop. I got a new note book that I am writing in right now, and a new pen that I am writing with. Goodnight, travel Diary

It’s probably midnight by now but I can’t fall asleep again cause there is an extremely annoying cricket outside zzz our bedroom! I hope I can fall asleep soon!

2nd of Oct 2017

So far our holiday has been great. We rode our bikes and I sketched a few things along the way. When we got back from our bike-ride I found a frog in the pool and Daddy saved it from Drowning

We cycled to the zebras and then we decided to take a short-cut to the look-out point. We sketched the zebras and then came home to have lunch.

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3rd of Oct 2017

We went to the crystal cave (which is really a shop) and bought a lot of things. After that we went to a chocolate shop and the chocolate was so sweet!!! Next we went for lunch at a restaurant called: Paddagang.

There is a HUGE storm here and the wind is very strong. But on the Bright side; it did kill the cricket!!!!!

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5th of Oct 2017

We went to Ceres and me and Daddy went zip sliding. The scariest zip slides were: The Fastest, the highest, the longest + the last one. We even had a little harness for our water bottle!

The helmets were made by ‘Black Dimond” (Mommy’s head lamp maker) The harnesses were made by ‘Petzl’ (My head lamp maker)

6th of Oct 2017

We woke up early and went horse riding. The horse me and Riley rode was big. The horses were very hungry and were very greedy when we fed them apples and carrots. The horse we rode had a

(Name: Freddie, Girl friend’s Name: Twinkles)


May 312017
May-be will never catch up

Still writing poor month-name-related titles, still a couple of few months behind (early September now). It took a while to trim the photos down to a smaller collection, but it seems we had a busy month, because it was difficult to cut further than the hard drive dump below. The kids made use of the good autumn weather to ride their bikes in various places. We took a new B-class for a test drive from Friday evening to Saturday morning, and it seemed to get approval from the kids and neighbourhood cats. The kids decided that the sunroof on the test […read more…]

Apr 302017
Falling behind

Not just a pun on autumn arriving, but a comment on writing this in early (edit: “early-mid”) July! Google Maps had an amusing option on 1 April. Here’s our neighbourhood in Pac Man… The school holidays kicked off in early April with Dana and Riley hosting a sleepover for their Dutch friends, Jente and Melle. Dana wrote a special bedtime story for the event (after hearing that they didn’t want a scary story)… Dana and Riley spent the first week at a holiday care, and discovered a new park in Pinelands (Protea Close). So we had to go back on […read more…]

Mar 312017
Marching along slowly

Despite my best efforts to write this at the end of March, we’ve slipped into mid-May somehow [oops, more like mid-June now]. So without further delay, on to March’s entry. Philna and I managed to carve out a date night to go see T2: Trainspotting, and catch a quick dinner somewhere at the Waterfront. In the end we had a lucky break and managed to grab an empty table at the Harbour House branch near Quay Four. Here’s me pondering where the last 20 years have gone since seeing the first movie… The mystery of my rapidly-emptying shaving gel can has […read more…]

Feb 282017
Short month, short post

In keeping with the short month, a short update was the plan (real reason – this is being written in early April, so I need to stop falling further behind). There is no better way to end a long, hard week at the end of a long, hard first month at work, than to sleep on a thin mattress in a flimsy tent. The annual Cannons Creek Primary School Camp Out is generally dreaded from my side, but ends up being a decent evening’s entertainment, and the kids have a load of fun. Fortunately the equipment was still in one piece […read more…]